Breakdancing Ninja In Action

  • Breakdanceposter
  • Modified Air Swipe
  • Flare side position
  • Mount Rainer in Washington State
    Staying warm
  • Windmill
  • Flag
  • Hollywood Stars James Brown
    Keeping my feet clean
  • Pencil Headspins
  • One armed "Russian Kicks" different than the traditional Russian Kicks
  • Straddle Planche at Venice Beach
  • Teaching a Class the Front Split
  • Breakdancing Ninja Getting Onto the Floor
  • Foot Grab
    Foot Grab
  • Air Time
    Air Time
  • Flare Face
    Flare Face
  • Ninjacide
  • Ninja Footwork
    Ninja Footwork
  • Relaxed Pose
    Relaxed Pose

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