Flare Trainer


Flare Trainer Background

I learned my flares in the opposite direction of my windmill and headspin. So I had to re-learn flare the other direction and I didn't want to work hard at it. So I made a flare trainer that holds your feet so you can practice correct technique sooner and perform many repitions perfectly. You still need to be strong and flexible but the technique is developed much faster with the flare trainer.

Build Your Own Flare Trainer:

You will need a place to hang it that is at least 10 feet (3m) high from and the following:

Spreader Bar - Keeps the rope from getting tangled. About 5 feet / 1.5 Meters

Eye Hook Swivel - Goes on top of the spreader bar. Any swivel will work, I've used mountain climbing gear from REI.com.

Mountain Climbing Swivel

Eye Hook Pulley - You need two of these at the ends of the spreader bar. All sorts of different pulleys can be used in terms of sizes and brands. I use mountain climbing gear from REI.com.

Eye Hook Pulley


Foot Straps - Another challenge is getting your feet attached to the ropes. I used Husky HangAlls, from Home Depot.

Rope - Nothing fancy, if it doesnt break its good.

Breakdancing Ninja Flare Trainer

Flare Trainer Schematic, More instructions at Mannaweb.net

Final Design Flare Trainer with Straight Spreader Bar


Buy Now!

Breakdancing Ninja Flare Trainer $300


Spieth America Flare Trainer $353 from Carolina Gym Supply

Airflare Trainer


This ingenius tool is a bicycle inner tube mounted on a swivel!

Still Have Questions?

I am not the best at explaining stuff so if this contraption is confusing to build email me and I'll update this page. Share any tips and videos of your flare trainer so we can all benefit.

-Breakdancing Ninja