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Available for all types of performances. Pay for my Ninjas to do what we do best, Boogie Down!

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Make Your Event Memorable, Hire Awesome Breakdancers!

Tell me what you want and I will find a way to make it happen. Previous requests have included costumes, pop-up performances, dancing on solar panels... Cost is determined by:

  • Performance Time - How many dancers I have to bring to dance for the amount of time.
  • Performance Frequency - How many performances do you need? How long do we need to be there?
  • Distance - We are Seattle based, anything outside of a 25 mile radius may incur a travel cost. We have waived most of our fees if you are willing to fly us out to somewhere interesting and handle food and lodging.

Most shows have unique elements that can lower or raise the price. Tell me what you would like and we can make a deal. Cost starts at $150 and up. School events and charities may qualify for a free show.
Phone: (310)-490-3831

Bboy Lunaticbackflip

Past Shows

  • Monkey Flip on Solar Panels for Solar World
  • Handhop
  • Head-Glide
  • Zach-He-footwork-smilin
  • Solarworld-2
  • Art Performance
  • FreakNight Rave Performers
  • FreakNight Breakdancing Ninja Crew
  • Warming up Between Shows during Freaknight
  • Microsoft TechReady Performers
  • Paradiso at the Gorge Amphitheatre Breakdancing Performers


Previous Clients

Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon, Brooks Sports, RealNetworks, Sleep Country USA, Elysian Brewing, Solar World, Nike...

Breakdancing Ninja Shows


"Thanks again Daniel.  I’m looking forward to sending you a few pics from the wedding.  You guys did an unbelievable job and it was one of the highlights of my entire evening… (a close second to the wedding itself) ;) All the best!" - Andrew


   You had an amazing show and everyone I talked to said they loved your act. If any pictures get sent to me I will forward them to you. Thank you so much for participating and we for sure want you to come back next year. Let me know if you have any further questions." - Liz, Exhibitor Services Coordinator Network Events Inc.



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