Breakdancing Lessons

Yes I teach people that have never danced! I teach what you want to learn.

Kirkland Group Classes at Northwest Aerials is Permanently Closed

Looking for a new studio. Only private lessons and house calls for now.


Private Lessons

  • Serving Everett, Seattle and  Olympia areas.
  • Lessons last an hour or more if you have the energy
  • $80 ($40 for active duty military, police and firefighters). Extra fee for house calls based on distance.
  • Call 310-490-3831 to schedule your lesson time and location.

Pose in the dance room

Learn in my private studio in Everett

Safe, Expert Instruction and Fun!

  1. Safety First! If you are broken you can’t dance.
  2. Expert Instruction – Don’t reinvent the wheel, learn from my mistakes.
  3. Fun – If you don’t like pushing yourself you are weird.

My Philosophy

I train your body so you can dance the way you are dancing already in your mind. But you can’t waste my time with excuses for why you won’t work hard. Only a positive CAN DO attitude and discipline will get results! I will give you the tools to create your own style and boogie down. I will make sure you have strength in the right places with the flexibility to match.  

Breakdancing on Holllywood Star Walk

(Keeping My Feet Clean From the Dirty Hollywood Streets)

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