Why do my wrists hurt? And How To Train Them.

Almost all Breakdancers have had wrist pain in their career. Lack of strength and or flexibility in the wrists. Your wrists just aren’t used to be treating like feet and support your body weight.  If you don’t train the wrists to handle your body weight they will get injured. First, test your flexibility by holding your wrists flat.


bboy wrist flexability

If you can’t hold your wrists flat everytime you place them on the ground you will hyper extend them causing tendon strains. Here is how you can stretch it so they can be flat.


There are two opposing muscle groups in your forearm, this is the more important stretch but you need to do both. If it is easy on your knees go to the pushup position.

Once you can hold your wrists flat, you wont be hyper extending them when you are Breakdancing. Footwork, handstands, flares and freezes all require that you can hold your wrist at least flat on the ground with ease.

Wrist Strength

Flexibility is half the battle, now you need wrist strength to hold your body weight on one wrist and bounce, that is the most extreme case. You won’t be able to do jackhammers unless your wrists can handle the weight. Here is a wrist strength guide you can follow:



Once your wrists are strong and flexible you will be able to practice all the moves without pain. So getting them prepared needs to be your first goal in breakdancing.


My wrists already hurt, what do I do?

Overuse is common, the way to fix is to not do things that make it hurt. It has to heal then you can train them again. Failure to follow this will lead to more pain and strain on your wrists.


How long before they are ready for Breakdancing?

You can get them flexible in about 1-2 months. The strength portion takes more time, about 3-6 months. It all depends how much you are training them though. Wrist strength and flexibility should be part of your normal warm-up before you breakdance until you stop experiencing any pain.

Any Questions?

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