Instructional Videos

Ranked in order of difficulty. Tell me what is missing!

Coffee Grinder

Wrist Strength

Handstands and One-Armed Handstands

Back spin

Learn Air Swipes ( Also known as Swipes or Baby Swipes)


Kip Up

Flexibility Training, Full Splits for Power Moves

Russian Kicks also called V-Kicks


Front HeadSpring


Shoulder Flexibility

Shoulder Strength

Monkey Flip

How to Windmill

Windmill Drills





How to Airflare

Want to learn flips? You can learn if:

  • You can jump up a few inches and land in the same spot, facing
    the same direction, without twisting uncontrollably to either side
    or loosing balance;
  • You can repeatedly jump up and down (just a few inches) without
    pain—especially in your legs, back, and shoulders;

Acrobatic Tumbling: 
From Rolls to Handsprings and Somersaults
Is the best instructional DVD I have seen. Buy it at:


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